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  • As we had problems with our first builder, Danny came in to help us complete the build and get our project back on track. He has great attention to detail, and was really easy to work with. We liked that whenever we had questions he was easy to get through to, and he made sure we were happy with quality and finishes.
    Alfonso Campa
  • We were very happy with the building experience we had with Natura Homes. The work was completed to a high standard whilst remaining within our budget. We were very pleased with how quickly they completed the build without compromising on quality. We would highly recommend them as a builder.
    Thanks Kristy
  • We would not hesitate in recommending Natura Homes as a company to deal with when considering building or renovating. They have assisted and guided us with planning, advice and liaison with relevant professionals. Lucas is most communicative and extremely helpful, polite, timely and in every manner an absolute pleasure to deal with.

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Canberra Builders – Natura Homes.

Welcome to Natura Homes: a Canberra based building company.

Natura Homes aim to build new homes with an emphasis on offering many distinctly unique features for our clients. Our emphasis in building new homes in Canberra and the A.C.T. is to offer exceptional design and build quality with emphasis on your families health and safely combined with state of the art sustainable building practices and technology. Coupled with our unique home design approach we work hard to produce new homes of the highest possible build standard, whilst meeting budget and deadlines for our clients.

In summary, Natura Homes Offer:

  • Highest quality homes driven by a strong in house quality assurance program
  • Houses built on time and on budget
  • Emphasis on creating exceptionally healthy homes by design for our clients
  • Sustainable home design and construction emphasis
  • Integration of the latest technologies (solar, grey water systems, L.E.D. lighting, ventilation etc)
  • First class customer communication
  • Structured building management systems and processes
  • Affordable new homes built to today’s standards of technology and design

Our approach to building new homes sets us apart from the majority of Canberra and A.C.T. building companies.

Integrated technology and Healthy Home design and Construction.

At Natura Homes we believe creating a healthy home is of great importance for our clients. Our approach to designing and building a healthy home include:

  • Utilising breathable surfaces and finishes that contribute to naturally controlling internal humidity levels and preventing mould growth and condensation.
  • Designing for good cross ventilation creates a home that can breathe will ensure sufficient fresh air exchange. Health benefits include better energy levels and potentially less sick days for the residents.
  • Use of non-toxic building materials and finishes ensure that the body’s immune system is not placed under stress from potential off-gassing chemicals.
  • Minimising exposure to electromagnetic fields which promotes better quality sleep and a stronger immune system.
  • Minimising excessive moisture through good design means the home will create a very favourable environment. This eliminates or greatly reduces the risk of mould and dust mites and dramatically reduces the residents exposure to potential biological toxins.
  • Reduction of static from synthetic carpets and ducted heating systems assists reduction of positive ions and promote negative ions. Negative ions are associated with forests, the ocean and thunderstorms and have been found to be highly beneficial for overall health and well being.
  • We carefully research and then select non – toxic building materials, surfaces and finishings that ensure maximum health for you and your family

Our New Home Design And Construction Integrate The Latest Technology

    • We use LED lighting technology to minimise energy consumption within the home
    • Natura Homes employ the latest grey water system technologies to make use of grey water (‘waste’ water from the shower, laundry etc) where appropriate, within the home.
    • By integrating solar panels systems into our new homes, we create homes that minimise the reliance of ‘grid supplied’ electricity. This not only produces dramatically reduced electricity bills but also adds to your homes’ decreased ‘carbon footprint’
    • We use zero VOC and non-toxic paints
    • Option for double glazing or low-e glass glazing
    • Smart ventilation technology

Like Your Existing Location But Want To Upgrade Your Home?

Many Canberra and A.C.T. residents love their existing location but are unhappy with their existing home. The knockdown rebuild option may be the way to go for you and your family. It can make financial sense to stay at the same location and create the home you desire on the very same block of land. If you are looking for a knockdown rebuild builder in Canberra to advise you on the best options for creating your new home, contact us today for no obligation, helpful advice and information.

Summary – Natura Homes is a unique Canberra and A.C.T. building company that offers a professional approach to designing and building the highest quality homes that offer exceptionally healthy living and integrating sustainable building practices and technologies. We strive to make the process of building new homes in Canberra as hassle free and transparent as possible – its an exciting time for our clients!

Update: August 2015

New Home Builders In Canberra See Growth In Custom Built Home Enquiries

There has never been a better time to consider building a new home in Canberra. The city is booming with a bustling economy driven by both the public and private sectors. We have witnessed a wealth of growth in new suburbs including areas such as Denman Prospect, Coombs, Lawson, Moncrieff, and Throsby through to new developments across the border, including Murrumbateman and Googong.

Canberra continues to offer the best of city living with the warmth and welcome of a country town. New land releases mean plenty of opportunities to work with your Canberra builder to create and build your dream home. Whether you need a custom home builder or a project home builder, Natura Homes has the expertise and experience to work with your ideas and inspiration to create the home that meets your family’s needs.

New Homes Designed and Built For Canberra

There are a many considerations to take into account when building your new home in Canberra. Examples of these include:

  • Ensuring the design and construction of your home to be makes allowance for the A.C.T. climate. Canberra’s experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year and a combination of design practices, building material selection and integration of technology ensures year round comfort for your family.
  • The new homes location. Do you need to include a home office, for example, so you can telecommute to work?
  • The make up of your family – how many adults and how many children will live in your new home? What facilities are required? And how to allow for growth or changing circumstances?
  • Another major consideration is the sustainability of your new Canberra home. Today’s technology allows custom-home builders and project home builders to include many options to save water and electricity whilst making your home more environmentally friendly. Natura Homes specialises in custom-built homes that are eco-friendly and built specifically for the Canberra area.

Natura Homes – Residential Builder Canberra – Frequently Asked Questions

What Differentiates Natura Homes From Other Canberra Home Builders?

Natura Homes are built on several core principles but the main elements of new home construction that we offer are designing homes that offer:

  • high levels of comfort to live in
  • a very healthy environment for your family to live in
  • low ongoing running costs
  • high levels of sustainability

Canberra has a unique landscape, climate and building requirements so it pays to work with a builder who has extensive knowledge of the region and has years of experience in building homes here.

What Is Natura Homes Building Accreditation?

Natura Homes is a member of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association and, as such, we commit to high standards of construction, customer service and compliance with all relevant regulations. As a Registered Master Builder, Natura Homes can offer a Master Builder’s Guarantee to ensure your new home is built with utmost skill and quality.

All our homes come with a full seven year structural warranty and we undertake a 197-point Quality Assurance Checklist for every house we build to ensure even the smallest details are on our radar.

Natura builds healthy homes with an emphasis on products and building techniques that actively improve the overall health and well being of its occupants. We pride ourselves in looking at the “big picture” when it comes to the health of your home and the health of your family. Our experts are on hand to help you choose the best outcomes for your family.

Natura Homes is renowned in Canberra for its customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction. Your vision is our priority at every step of the process. You will be kept informed with full progress reports and regular communications from concept to completion. Our goal is 100 per cent satisfaction from all our clients.

When seeking a builder for your new home, we recommend asking to see examples of completed works and for references of previous clients. Remember to ask if the job was finished on budget, on time and whether you were satisfied with the levels of communication throughout the project. At Natura Homes, we have a full list of very happy clients who are willing to talk to you and tell you about their positive Natura Homes experiences.

Why build a healthy home?

Building a new home offers many opportunities to custom-design a space to suit your family’s needs. But one important area is often overlooked in the planning process – building a home that actively supports your family’s health. Healthy home design will not only look after your family but can save you money, as well.

There are plenty of positive steps you can take when building your new home and these are most effective when considered during the design stage of the planning process. As an informed homeowner, you can make positive choices about the materials used in construction as well as the design and features of the home that will contribute to your family’s health for the lifespan of the home.

Building biology is an emerging area of science that looks at how building design and construction affects health – both long term and short term. The results of ongoing study in this area indicate there are many choices homeowners can make to ensure they build a healthy home. One area of vital Importance when planning a new home is natural ventilation. It is important to look for where natural ventilation can be incorporated into your home’s design as well as what steps you can take to minimise moisture, and therefore mould, build up in the home. You should also take steps to find out as much information as possible about what your home site was used for in the past and if there are any sources of airborne pollutants nearby.

Natura Homes is a specialist in building dwellings in Canberra and the A.C.T. that are healthy spaces. Our homes are the best combination of eco-friendly construction processes and the latest in healthy technology and products. If you care about your family and the environment, talk to us today about how a healthy home can be a part of your family’s future.

Why Build A New Home Rather Than Renovate?

It’s can seem logical to think renovating and/or extending will be cheaper than building an entirely new home but all too often this is actually the more expensive option. In many instances, even though it may seem like a larger job, a brand new home offers much more for your family in the long term.With a renovation or extension, you’re limited to adding on to the existing structure and this can sometimes restrict how much space you can reasonably add and how much additional functionality you can achieve. And, because your builder is having to work within this restriction, it can actually cost a lot more in the long run. With a brand new home, you effectively have a blank slate on which to design an integrated space that meets your unique needs.

Building a new home allows for the inclusion of infrastructure such as cabling for internet, communication and television services as well as all-new wiring for electricity. You’re also able to plan effectively for ventilation, air flow and other elements that contribute to a healthy home. Because you’re starting with an empty block, there are opportunities to position rooms in the most amenable position according to which direction your block faces and the sun’s movements during the day. You can also plan the design and structure of the home to incorporate parts of the building that provide shade at different times of the day.

Matching items such as existing bricks or roof tiles isn’t always possible so sometimes with a renovation or extension you might have to choose the closest possible match – which might not actually be that close. When you build new, you can choose the colour and style of brick you like best, and match it to the type of roof you prefer.

Natura Home is a specialist in building custom-designed, new homes that give your family the best possible lifestyle. With experts on hand to advise on building materials and building methods, Natura Homes offers your family the opportunity to create your dream home. Talk to us today about your plans.

Building in Canberra – Update 1 April  2016

When building in the ACT, remember that different council areas will have different development guidelines so it’s important to check the specifications for your local government area. If you are close to the NSW border, bear in mind that NSW has different regulations to the ACT.

Land has been hard to come by in Canberra and the wider ACT area because of a lack of new land releases so many Canberrans have chosen to stay on their existing block or purchase an existing home, and knock down rebuild.

Why would I choose a knock down rebuild home?

If you enjoy residing in your suburb, have great neighbours and local amenities, a knock down/rebuild is a great option as you can stay in a familiar area but update your home to suit your families current needs. The other option is to find a home on a good block of land in a good location in Canberra or around the ACT which you can then demolish to create the land to build your dream home on.

What are the main benefits for choosing a knockdown rebuild? A knockdown rebuild can be a smart option for many home owners wanting to upgrade . These benefits include:

  • Staying in the same location
  • Building to suit your individual needs for a property
  • Mitigates the need to search for vacant land
  • Financial benefits: new homes appreciate faster than existing dwellings
  • Reduction in long-term maintenance
  • Increase in equity: start from scratch and build your dream home.

What size can the home be?

Each council will have a specified ratio of house to land so it is important to work with a builder who understands the restrictions for your local government area and can design a home to suit the specifications.

How do I find vacant land?

The Land Development Agency is responsible for developing and selling land on behalf of the ACT Government. The website lists available land by surburb and you can also search for specific types of land including single residential, mixed use, multi-unit and many more.

What do I do when I find my block?

Talk to your builder. They will investigate the area, the council requirements, land use restrictions and all other elements which may impact on what you can build. Then you can make a fully informed decision about whether to proceed. In all instances, it’s vital to work with an experienced, specialist builder who understands your needs and can design and build a home to suit your family. Talk to Natura Homes today about how we can bring our experience and expertise to solve your building dilemmas.

Contact Natura Homes today about your custom-built Canberra home or click here to view our gallery of completed homes.