• Build or Renovate?

    Why Build A New Home Rather Than Renovate?

    It can seem logical to think renovating and/or extending will be cheaper than building an entirely new home but all too often this is actually the more expensive option. In many instances, even though it may seem like a larger job, when it’s designed and built well, a brand-new home offers much more for your family in the long term.

    With a renovation or extension, you’re limited to adding on to the existing structure and this can sometimes restrict how much space you can reasonably add and how much additional functionality you can achieve. And, because your builder has to work within this restriction, it can actually cost a lot more in the long run.

    With a brand new, luxury home, you effectively have a blank slate on which to design an integrated space that meets your unique needs and creates the lifestyle you desire. And, when you build with Natura Homes, their experience and expertise will guide you every step of the way – and beyond.

    Building a new home allows for the inclusion of infrastructure such as cabling for internet, communication and television services as well as all-new wiring for electricity. You’re also able to plan effectively for ventilation, air flow and other elements that contribute to a luxury home. Because you’re starting with an empty block, there are opportunities to position rooms in the most amenable position according to which direction your block faces and the sun’s movements during the day. You can also plan the design and structure of the home to incorporate parts of the building that provide shade at different times of the day.

    Matching items such as existing bricks or roof tiles isn’t always possible so sometimes with a renovation or extension you might have to choose the closest possible match – which might not actually be that close. When you build is new, you can choose the colour and style of brick you like best, and match it to the type of roof you prefer.

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