• Spring into Spring with a new home

    After 6 months without posting new blog entries due to exciting new projects, the Spring season inspired us to get back! I hope you enjoy our monthly articles…

    Today's new homes offer more benefits than ever before and designing a home from scratch gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what you want and need in your home.

    Design Your Dream Home

    Building a brand new, luxury home is really exciting. Why settle for someone else's choices when you can select your own? Custom plans can be developed with your professional designer. These can be tailored around your budget and lifestyle. Develop the space your family needs and while you’re there choose bathroom and kitchen fixtures, lighting and floors that you adore. Your new home should reflect your style and choosing a home builder will put you in control of getting your desired build.

    Energy and Cost Savings

    New homes are far more energy efficient than homes built only five years ago. The latest glass insulation in your windows and doors can assist with insulation in your home saving money on your heating and cooling. The use of solar panels can assist to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Energy efficient lighting as well as environmental water installations all add up to an environmental and cost effective design. Talk to your builder to get the latest designs and features in your home.

    Innovative Technology

    Bring your home into the latest century by adding modern technology. Smart wiring, home automation, energy and water saving products will not only give you comfort but will save time and energy. Imagine the lights, heating and your favourite music turning on automatically for when you get home from work!

    __Home safety __

    New homes have many advanced safety features. For example security and smoke alarms are hard wired into the structure and don’t rely on replacing batteries. Fire proof insulation and materials will be installed through your new home as well as security locks keeping you and your family safe and sound.

    At Natura, we have the expertise to design and build a custom, luxury home for you and your family. Drop by and let’s have a coffee while we chat about your needs.

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