• Storage solutions for your house.

    Decluttering your living spaces is an essential part of creating your dream home. That’s why you should think carefully and plan to build in plenty of storage throughout the house. Today’s clever storage solutions mean you don’t always need visible cupboards in order to manage all your day to day bits and pieces.

    There are many styles of storage options to choose from. Our Natura design experts have put together their top five tips to start the creative process:

    1. Laundry spaces are usually full of items that need a home. When designing your laundry make sure there are areas for everything. Consider smaller slide drawers for your detergents, or a hamper drawer for the dirty washing. Build your ironing board into a laundry cupboard so it folds away and creates more space.
    2. Storage can be built onto your walls with sliding or pocket doors that give you the feeling of a plain sleek wall. This will assist in streamlining your living zones and helping to manage traffic flows as well as doors opening and closing.
    3. Every bedroom large or small must have a built-in wardrobe that is really organised. Spaces for shoes, ties, hanging space and draws should be a part of the wardrobe setup and design.
    4. Make your garage an area you want to be in by adding lots of shelving for your bits and bobs. Bike racks are a good idea to free up space as are hanging spaces for garden tools. Think about ceiling storage for those rarely-used items.
    5. Linen storage is a great way to organise all of your bedding and towels. Make sure you design the storage close to the areas for which they’ll be used. Making storage easy and accessible ensures that it will be used regularly.
    6. Shelving is a great option when you don’t necessarily want to hide your items but they need a home. Books are homely in a living room so why not display them in a beautifully designed bookshelf that matches your wall colour?

    Our Natura design and build experts think about storage solutions every day so why not take the opportunity to utilise their knowledge and experience to ensure personalised storage in your new home. Give us a call today.

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